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Singing Performance Tips

A great Singing article is now on our Blog. Yes, this time, thanks to Aisha Peters, we talk about singing.

Aisha Peters has shown her skills and talent since she was a child. She is a pop singer who hit the No 3 UK Singles Chart with her pop band Fierce. The trio who became famous in the 90's led by our professional singing adviser. She didn't stop since then. She is now a continuos performer, songwriter and singer who recently released her latest album.

We feel truly proud of having such a professional of singing working with us at WKMT London. We must confess her students love her truly too.

This time, she collaborates once again with WKMT Music Blog to bring some interesting and helpful tips. Now, she explains what is the best way to choose the best, or more convenient, SETLIST for your next performance. Indeed, it is something we give importance as the result in the public will be correlated to the success of the setlist chosen, and the impact on the public. Aisha knows as she is an active performer along London in the most famous stages of the UK Pop actual scene.

Although I would love to know how to sing properly, it is not the case I am afraid. For that reason, I will leave you guys to read the full article and get advised by this professional. I hope you like it and helps you out with your next performance.


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