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Talking about Grieg - Norwegian Composer and Pianist

WKMT is back with a new bio-article. Bio because we talk about life and career of one of the greatest composers of the XIX Century. Edvard Grieg.

Edvard Grieg, Norwegian born composer and pianist. Famous for important compositions such as his Piano concerto in A minor Op. 16. His masterpiece celebrated by being played in the best halls worldwide as well as played by the best pianists from the XX and XXI Century: Zimmerman, Rubinstein, Argerich, Kissin and more.

A piano concert score that first travelled to through Europe to be checked by Liszt. The famous composer wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education of Norway to get Grieg with a travel grant that way they both could meet and know each other. In the second visit,Grieg showed this new manuscript with the orchestral part and Liszt just loved it after sightreading it.

Amogst his best works, we find piano sonata, chamber music and plenty of folk music. Music typically from Norway, composed to be played by a typical violin only used in Norway. Which makes a folk music very unique and special. Not only that, but he wrote several pieces that have been travellingthrough the time, becoming famous nowadays as they are featured in TV Commercials and TV Shows. Most probably you have heard any and you didn't know it was from Grieg.

Although his name is not very commonly heard nowadays, it became such an important name in the XIX Century and XX. And obviously, his music is still alive although some people doesn't even know the music they usually hear in the adverts on TV was originally written by him.

Click on the link below mentioned and learn all about this great musician and his career within the classical and folk music.


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