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The Best Piano Method by Juan J. Rezzuto

Many students think of piano practice as hours of finger exercises because they were never taught the proper definition of what a technique entails. In WKMT, they think differently. By the confident hand of Maestro Juan Rezzuto, a new approach of how to apply the Piano technique is delivered in a thorough but straightforward way.

Piano technique is no different from any other technique, as far as I know, it is applied it as in a composition lesson: step by step and going to the very core of the movement. If we understand why and how we do it, then the function becomes clear and fruitful.

Using the right practice techniques, it should take only a few years for a competent student to start playing pieces from famous composers. The truth is that there have been several successful techniques or ways of playing the piano properly. However, they might have not been transferred along the time, and we have no records about it to continue with the same method or technique for many years more. Today, the efforts to catalogue and structure every single movement needed to play any piece should be paramount for every Piano Tutor and every Piano lesson in London. We are very lucky to count with our Maestro Juan Rezzuto, and his articles that describe defines and even illustrates with YouTube videos how and when exactly to implement these movements as per the technique by Vicente Scaramuzza.

The wrist movement is the third one within the Scaramuzza technique, and it involves several steps and muscles that, learned accurately will improve your performance dramatically.

For Piano students, knowing these techniques means a reduction in the learning process and time which is a crucial lifetime and an increase in the time available for making music instead of struggling with a technique.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity of knowing the most successful piano technique with the series of articles written by Juan Rezzuto. You can find the links to every movement below:


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