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Training aural tests for your ABRSM exams.

WKMT Aural Test Practice

Have you come across ABRSM examinations? Are you currently doing? Whatever the case is, you should read this helpful article recently published at WKMT Blog.

In this new case, Sabrina Curpanen explains the idea of Aural training, its importance and how is about.

In any music examination, you will find different sections such as scales, arpeggios, pieces, sight reading, and among those, aural tests. It is true that it is a small portion of the total marks, but if you train it well and pass it with a great puntuaction, that would make the difference between Merit and Distinction.

We decided to to write about this when we realised that it was one of the most failing sections of any musical exam took by the students. And the thing is that they might not be training it at home, or they don't know how to. That's why Sabrina Curpanen wrote about it to explain the different sections that involves the aural training and why is important to train it well.

If this is your case, do not miss it out and read it fully in the link aforementioned. WKMT Blog always posting new articles about music and learning.


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