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Two piano facts: left hand and placement

Piano Lessons London WKMT

Although our new post sounds written for left-handed pianists, it is not the case. Actually, our new article written by Juan Rezzuto, Director of WKMT, is mainly throught for those right-handed pianists.

Scaramuzza technique's student, Juan Rezzuto committed to share this powerful technique, and he does so with all his students and the students of WKMT Piano Lessons London.

Based on his experience as piano teacher, he has seen several students struggling with their left hands, starting from the settlement of it on the piano. That's why he wrote this helpful article in which he combines the Scaramuzza piano technique with some great tips in order to make us able to well positionate and move along the piano with the left hand.

It deserves a reading, overall by all those who do not find easy to use the left hand and moving in tune with the arms.

Read it fully on the link aforementioned with the title and start getting into this successful piano technique.


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