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What did Debussy and Ravel have in common?

What did Debussy and Ravel have in common?

Well apart from being both French composers and belonging to the 19th Century, there is even more. They both were influenced by the Impressionism. The famous art movement.

This is what the new article published on WKMT Piano Blog talks about. My colleague and piano teacher at the studio, Anthony Elward, has written this beautiful article talking about the idea of art and music and music as art. The relation and influence of the art movements in the classical music.

Debussy and Ravel were the characters mostly influenced by the impressionism. However, there are some other gorgeous composers also influenced by other art movements such as Neoclassicism.

Read now the full article on the blog of the famous piano studio and get to know more about this beautiful and sensorial relation: music and painting.

After reading this article, you will hear the beautiful and vibrant Monet's paintings.


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