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What do you know about Polish Musicians?

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Dominik Brendan, singing and piano teacher, who we already posted some articles about music from, brings a new article for WKMT Blog. Obviously, he talks about music but this time about his "roots". In this case, he brings us the Polish music star Anna Maria Jopek.

Dominik has grown listening the beautiful voice of Anna Maria Jopek, and that made him, possibly, feel the passion of music. She is one of her favourites and there is no doubt why. Her powerful voice and vibrant vibes makes Anna Maria the perfect singer and song-writer.

Daughter of the singer Stanislaw Jopek and dancer Maria Stankiewicz. Sister of Patrycja Jopek, the reknown polish violinist. That definitely gave her the musician blood running through her veins. She grew up surrounded by music and shows. So, easily, she involved herself into that world too, becoming a beautiful Polish music star.

Amongst her performances, we highlight her live with Sting and his famous song "Fragile". They both are actually very close friends, and you can see them together in different lives and events.

You can find Dominik's article in the link below mentioned, and do not miss the chance to know a bit more about Anna Maria Jopek.


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