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What keeps us, as piano teachers, motivated

I would like to take a chance and thank my Colleague Juan Rezzuto for his kind article written for WKMT Piano Studio.

In this article, recently published, Juan Rezzuto mentions some special, amongst many others, some powerful performances taken from ur last WKMT Music Festival edition. The VII edition happened last May 2018, and it was quite a success, as we had more than eighty performers and more than two hundred guests. Not only that, but most importantly, the performances were of a stunning quality.

I, myself, feel so honoured as one of the performance chosen by my colleague is played by my very committed student. He started learning the piano technique with me at WKMT and now he is able to perform that amazing way. He is passion, commitment and sensibility. And when we see our students performing what they studied with us, and what they learnt through us, and the result is such as great and moving performance, we truly feel ourselves rewarded the most and piano teaching means everything.

Read the full article written by my colleague, and here I post the performance of my student. I hope you like his playing and passion on the piano.


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