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WKMT and our London locations

WKMT will not only provide you with the best piano teacher but also will cover all the piano skills needed when learning the piano technique. How do we organise your piano learning?

- Piano skills: We make a first assessment know you and your level better. Once we have it, we create a piano study plan to follow the reporting system, homework and practice. Master classes will be provided too.

- Listening skills: In order to be fully immersed in the classical music world, we need to be able to listen others and concerts performing. That will develop your criticising and analysing skills. For that reason, we organise every single month Classical concerts by our teachers and musicians. You will join a full range of concerts to enjoy your Saturday evenings.

- Piano Performing skills: How do we know ourselves playing the piano if none sees us performing? The other way around, we provide our students with performing opportunities in listed venues in London, with a wonderful event created for you and your family and friends. Fine catering, drinks and video recorded given to all those performing.

Join a quality and professional piano studio. Your reliable piano practice in London.

Piano lessons Dulwich: Join our Camberwell branch or our Home tuition lessons at the comfort of your home.

Piano lessons Islington: We have our great teachers team to provide you with quality home piano tuition.

Piano lessons Ealing: Try our West Kensington branch, the headquarters where everything started. Otherwise, we can continue your lessons in your home.


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