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Young Musicians on Action via Online

Yes, it seems hard to believe, but at WKMT we have designed a comprehensive programme that includes a few music subjects for all those students from any part of the world, who would like to join us and learn music with professionals based in London.

Classical music analysis, composition and piano technique by Juan Rezzuto. Harmony and counterpoint by myself. In the link aforementioned you will find the calendar always updated for you to note it on your agenda and start your online and free music tuition with us.

Also, following this line, the new online way of learning worldwide, I also bring break news. WKMT has organized a new edition of their famous Piano Festivals, but this time, the same as the one in June, via remote. All students will be called to perform what they learn during the last months with us, and show it worldwide with our online platform. Which is very good, because they can follow up with the tuition and musical experiences, while their families can watch them from any part of the world.

Easy, click on the link and find all the info for this new remote classical concert for all our students.


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