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London Piano Lifestyle

London piano lifestyle

Studying music properly requires the full immersion of the student into the world of Classical Music. At WKMT my partner, Maestro Juan Rezzuto and I, Gisela Paterno, have worked hard to recreate the best environment and framing for piano students in London.

Learning piano can't be just about taking piano lessons to train and coming to the following piano lesson. Piano tuition must be a process leading to drive the piano student to understand and blend with the world of music.

For that reason, we design specific monthly concerts with different specific content. These concerts are meant to provide the best grounds for students to exchange musical opinions. Most importantly these events push our students to explore their own immediate remembrances of the concerts. When students do this, they recreate the music they've heard in their minds and they explore it. In most of the cases, they will find out about the asymmetries and imprecision of the performance and develop more self-criticism.

Ultimately, our students will learn from these concerts and perfect themselves. When they are ready, they will perform at our bi-annual festivals. There they will set themselves as targets for the same criticism they practised on their fellow performs some instances earlier. In this way, WKMT commits to complete the cycle of learning music, listening to how it should be performed and perform it.

Training a piano student can result in the student becoming a piano student, a piano teacher or a music connoisseur. The three cases require the same basic training to start with, the difference will arise later on when the students take their final decisions about their goals. As a serious music studio, we commit to provide students with the necessary training to at least become well-rounded music connoisseurs. The key is to allow students to understand all music has to offer.

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